About Bianco Renovations

?When you want your home remodeled right, turn to Northern Virginia-based Bianco Renovations, a full-service design and build firm, serving Northern Virginia since 2003. Made up of a team of dedicated professionals, and client-driven on every level, Bianco Renovations strives to meet homeowner needs on every level.

Full Service Design and Build Firm

whole-house-renovation-exterior-vienna-vaMeet all of your home renovation and new addition construction needs in one place with Bianco Renovations. They’ve handle both interior and exterior renovations on more than 400 homes in Northern Virginia. Focusing on all areas of the home, this versatile team of professionals can design and build to suit individual client’s needs, taking on custom projects that will exceed client expectations. Specializing in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and home additions, the Bianco Renovations team is ready to help bring client dreams to life.

The company knows that homeowners feel most comfortable when they’re in control of their project and able to see the work happening in real time. That’s why they offer all clients the ability to access Buildertrend; an online app that allows clients to view the schedule, make changes, and manage important documents related to the project securely from any computer, tablet, phone, or mobile device.

Dedicated Team

Bianco Renovations is made up of a talented team of individuals who bring several years of experience to the table in their specific fields.

  • President Katherine Droguett has worked in the remodeling industry for more than 10 years. She brings a background of marketing and media journalism, managing the company’s office operations and working tirelessly for the growth of the company.
  • Lead designer Alex Rodriguez has more than 19 years of experience in the home design industry, and is the front man on every project. He manages job schedules while guiding client decisions and drafting designs for spaces throughout the home. Specializing in basement, kitchen, and bathroom remodels, as well as home additions, Alex understands how to improve living spaces for clients, and always strives to meet their needs. Alex has been featured twice in Kitchens & Baths Magazine for his work with homeowners in Northern Virginia.
  • Juan Olivera works as a Field Supervisor.  With more than 13 years’of experience, Juan oversees the jobs onsite and helps ensure that each one comes to a successful completion on time and on budget.
  • Lead carpenter Hector Rodriguez turns designs into realities. Hector brings more than 20 years of experience in the carpentry business, lending his expertise and knowledge to every project he works on.

Awards and Affiliations

Winner of Best of Houzz for service for the last five years running and with an A rating at the Better Business Bureau, Bianco Renovations is also affiliated with several industry associations including:

  • The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA)
  • National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI)
  • Woodharbor Doors and Cabinetry
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Bianco Renovations serves all of Northern Virginia. Contact us to learn more about the services we offer and how we can help with your home remodeling project!

The Bianco Renovations Team

The team at Bianco Renovations has been together for years and each has his or her own place in making the results as unique as possible for each client. We would like you to meet each team member and see the value that each person brings to the success of our home renovation business. With our many years of combined experience, you will be getting a top-notch team when you come to Bianco for your construction or renovation needs.

  • Team that celebrates and utilizes individual strengths
  • Work well together as well as with our various clients to meet their needs
  • Strength in our years of experience
  • Client and success oriented
  • Make the valuable asset of your home a comfortable place to be

Katherine Droguett, President

With over 10 years of experience and extensive studies in such areas as marketing and media journalism, Katherine has the knowledge, skills and mental resources needed to meet whatever challenge we face as we move from one level to another. She has proven over and over that she will not quit and she has the requisite skills needed to work with people and anticipate their needs. She is resourceful and competent and she manages all office operations, including the implementation of various marketing strategies and systems for the growth for the company.

  • Holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science
  • Also has a Masters Degree in New Media Journalism
  • 10 years experience in the remodeling industry
  • 6 years experience in online and offline marketing
  • Skilled at budgeting

Alex Rodriguez, Designer

A designer is an integral part of any design and construction company and we have one of the best in the industry. Alex has more than 18 years of designing experience, garnering much expertise in meeting client needs. He is usually the one who will respond to your requests for estimates and who will manage the job schedule. Alex also has a keen sense of symmetry and is skilled in making basement, bathroom, and kitchen remodeling designs work.

  • Willing to guide client decisions on improving their living space
  • Has more than 24 years of experience in the industry
  • Able to draft designs for any project you may need
  • Operates as project manager and manages job schedules
  • Superior design skills

Hector Rodriguez, Lead Carpenter

The lead carpenter has a very important job in any construction project. Hector is responsible for turning all the discussions and consultations into a concrete structure. He follows the blueprints of the designer and ensures that the client gets to see their dream materialize. Whether we are working on a bathroom remodel or a complete kitchen renovation, Hector’s work is unparalleled.


  • Has the benefit of over 27 years of experience

Come and meet our team. Work with us as we make your dream a reality. Call, or visit us online. We are available to help you through any renovations, building, or remodeling projects that you are undertaking.