Our Process

At Bianco Renovations, we want our customers to feel comfortable with the decisions they are making with us. Our priority is to provide a highly personalized design experience for every client, from start to finish. Whether you are looking for a bathroom or kitchen remodel, or a complete home addition, Bianco Renovations has the skill and technology to keep your home remodeling as enjoyable as possible.


Schedule Your Complimentary In-Home Consultation

After you contact Bianco Renovations, a designer from Bianco Renovations will come to your home and discuss your project in more detail. We will go over all the options and provide you with a complete design at NO COST. We believe our clients feel more comfortable by looking at a design, instead of looking at a “description of work.”



Finalizing The Design

We’ll meet a second time to finalize materials, budget, and any additional details. Once you’ve made a decision, and all your questions have been answered, we’ll proceed with signing the construction/building contract.



Signing The Construction/Building Contract and Pre-Construction Meeting

All materials are specified up front, so we can agree on an exact total for your project. Additionally, we’ll schedule a rough start and end date for your project as well as the contract specifications.

Once we’ve finalized our start date, a meeting will be conducted at your home to talk about construction conditions. We’ll talk about everything and answer any additional questions you may have. In addition to meeting our on-site project manager, we’ll discuss things such as parking and the doors that will be used by our crew to come in and out of the house.




Our construction team typically works Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm as well as some Saturdays during various stages of the construction process. While you can check your renovation progress at any time using our Buildertrend app, we also conduct progress meetings once per week to keep you up to date with the installation schedule. Our goal is not only to deliver a beautiful final product but also to provide a smooth and pleasant experience.



A Job Well Done

We understand it can be intrusive and stressful to have your daily routine disrupted. Whether we are conducting a bathroom or kitchen remodeling, we try to be gracious while we share your space. Our general contractor can help you plan alternative spaces to use as a kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, and we’ll help you create a temporary space for laundry, cooking, and eating as necessary. We are always diligent about locking doors, using your security system and keeping your home clean and protected. We are committed to providing a quality installation, down to the smallest details.