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home-additions-in-arlington-va-gray exteriorFor over 23 years, Bianco Renovations has been specializing in small to mid-range home additions in the Arlington area. Providing our clients with the very best in customer service and peace-of-mind in home addition projects, complete with all the attention their home deserves, is our greatest pleasure and a source of pride for the Bianco team.

What We Offer

Home Additions – A Job Well Done and a wide range of services!
From adding a second floor for some much-needed extra space that looks as if it was always part of your home, to building the deck of your dreams, to remodeling a powder room, and everything in between, Bianco handles all home additions with diligent personalized attention to detail and a home transformation that was handled with care and respect by skilled craftsmen.

When it comes to personalizing your home, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination and budget. Bianco Home Additions can help fine-tune both.

Our Process

First – Request a Complimentary In-Home Consultation  – Call or email us today

In the comfort of your home our designer will:

  • Discuss your Home Addition project, the space in question, and answer questions.
  • Review possibilities and design, at NO COST, to help you visualize the goal.
  • Create a proposal for you to review at our next meeting based on your wishlist of needs and wants.

(If you already have designs or drawings, please provide them before this 1st meeting).

Second – Budget & Design Finalization

Besides reviewing our proposal and answering any questions you may have at this stage, this meeting will also be used to finalize materials, budget, and any other specifics.

The construction/building contract is signed once your have made your decision and feel all inquiries have been answered.

With designs finalized, you’ll meet with our on-site Project Manager and go over site protocols such as where to park, how to access your home, etc.

We’ll also set a tentative start and finish date for the work.

Next – construction starts!

Our team works Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and sometimes Saturdays. Checking on the status of your renovation is easy with our Buildertrend app, and weekly schedule progress meetings. We want you to be informed throughout the job.

Finally, Last but far from least…

The dream space you’d been anticipating is finished. The craftmanship and attention to detail is a pleasure to see, and your home now beautifully fits your needs like a glove.
We are confident you will love it for many years to come. We stake our reputation on it!

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Bianco Renovations – Arlington, VA
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 How long have you been in business?
We are pleased to say Bianco Renovations has been providing high-quality home additions and remodeling services to your neighbors in Arlington, and all of Northern Virginia, for over 23 years.

What do I need to do before I contact you?
You need to have a clear idea in mind for your remodeling objectives.
Ask yourself, “what do I hope to accomplish with this addition?” “What are my priorities on this list of needs and wants?” Once you know these answers, contact us, we look forward to helping move you closer to those goals.

Once started, how long will it take to finish my Home Addition?
During signing, we provide an approximate time-line for your project.
At times something unexpected may crop-up but we always do our best to solve the issue quickly to try to stay on schedule as best as possible.

How often can I expect updated information about my project?
At Bianco, it’s critical to us to make sure our homeowners are kept well informed. Our project management app Buildertrend, is especially useful and can be checked whenever you wish, even to emailing from it with questions about invoices, selections, or something on the schedule. Our project manager and a supervisor are also available for urgent questions/calls.

What about licensing and insurance? Do you have both?
Absolutely, we are fully licensed plus insured and insurance papers can be provided to any customer who requests them.

If permits are required, do you handle those and the inspections?
We do handle all of the essential permissions and inspections, and if there are any that the homeowner needs to handle, we’ll help explain those too.

Does Bianco provide Home Addition financing?
At this time, we do not offer financing.

I don’t understand the difference between an estimate and a proposal, can you explain?
An estimate is basically a Contractor’s generalized, educated guess at what a project might cost, and often includes a contingency for possible unknown expenses.
A proposal is a written document based on the entire defined scope of work, following a detailed site assessment, customer feedback, materials, supplies, fees and so on.

What is a design-build contractor, and what are the benefits of employing one instead of an architect?
Architects design and draw-up construction blueprints. They do not perform the actual construction. The customer then gives those drawings to a builder of their choice, who in-turn follows those plans.
Design-build Contractors are involved from start to finish. They create the design and the plans are used by the same company to construct that design in the appropriate manner.
The main difference between them is that design-build organizations are able to provide the complete home addition, from concept to completion, thereby streamlining the process.

Are there any samples of your work available?home-additions-in-arlington-va-livingroom
We proudly provide many examples of our previous projects in our website portfolio.

I’m nervous about making bad selections. Can you help?
We provide personalized assistance for every customer, working through all feature and design selections required, including feedback on maintaining a cohesive style and flow in your new space, with the rest of your home. We provide many options on our website, for your use, plus can provide personalized updates and price range estimates to assist.

Is there any paperwork I need to supply?
All projects, big or small, require complete documentation. The success of the remodel rests on it and may include:

  • clear, written proposal
  • a complete set of construction plans
  • any building permits / zoning officer information you may have (give this to your contractor in advance)
  • signed construction/building contract

This will ensure the finished product is everything you imagined.

Budget and timing are important to me, what can I do to make sure these things stay under control?
Most important is to be open and honest with your contractor about budget and timing right from the start. Establishing a budget before the project proposal is created is key, as is maintaining clear communication throughout the process.
Your Bianco project manager will keep you informed too.
Most important? Don’t worry, we really do want to help your project be a success you will love.

More questions? Call Bianco or email us today!

Thank-you for considering Bianco. In addition to Arlington, we are proud to also offer home addition services in the cities of Vienna and Fairfax as well.

Bianco Renovations – Arlington, VA
11325 Random Hills Rd. Suite 360-A72 Fairfax, VA 22030
571-208-1475 (Phone)
703-507-0465 (Mobile)