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home-additions-in-vienna-va-gray-exterior Bianco has been remodeling homes in Northern Virginia for the last 23 years, with small to medium scale home additions being our focus, we have thousands of happy clients in the Vienna area. Paying close attention to quality and details really sets us apart. Transforming your house into the home of your dreams, is why we do what we do.

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What We Offer

Bianco’s home additions reputation speaks for itself. With honesty and ethics distinguishing us in the Vienna, Virginia home addition sector, we go above and beyond to provide excellent service and a stress-free experience.

Taking care of our clients is our first priority, even attempting to reduce the need for you to relocate during a home addition if possible.

By your side throughout the process, we make everything as straightforward as possible, setting fair expectations for you and providing updates regularly. Immediately notifying you if we detect any possible difficulties that might cause project delays, as well as providing the best approach to handle them quickly, from start to finish, we give our customers a highly personalized design experience. That’s Bianco.

The Bianco Process for Home Additions

For Bianco, communication is key at all times.
This includes going over all options with you and providing a full design at NO COST. Viewing a design rather than a “job description” and taking the time to answer any questions at this stage, helps put our clients at ease.

With years of business expertise, we also believe it is necessary to help our clients understand how the remodeling process works and what it includes.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Home Visit – a FREE in-home consultation
    We come to your home, assess the area, plus further explaining our company and strategy while focusing on your vision, requirements, and expectations. We encourage you to ask questions and promise you will always receive well considered responses. Our team of professionals will provide their expertise and assist you in selecting the ideal design for your area. If you have an existing design or are working with an architect, please provide their plans through email before this first meeting.
  • Budget & Design Finalization
    Next, we will schedule a second appointment to provide you with an estimate in person. This meeting will be used to finalize materials, budgets, and other details.
  • Pre-Construction Meeting
    After we’ve finalized the plans, we’ll meet to discuss the construction details, going through everything with you and answering any questions. In addition to meeting our on-site project manager, we’ll review parking and which doors our workers will use during construction etc.
  • Signing the Construction/Building Contract
    This next step includes:

    • You have made your selections and all supplies are now factored in so we can agree on an exact total for your remodel.
    • Your questions have been answered and you are ready to move to the next step
    • We sign the construction/building contract with you.
    • We’ll establish an approximate start and end date for your project.
  • Final Installation
    home-additions-in-vienna-va-livingroomOur construction team generally works from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., with Saturdays as needed. You can use our Buildertrend app to check on the status of your renovation at any time, plus we have progress meetings once a week to keep you up to date on the schedule. A smooth, enjoyable experience with a gorgeous outcome will be the result.


Bianco Renovations- Vienna Va
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How long have you been offering Home Addition services?
For over 23 years, Bianco Renovations has been offering home remodeling and renovations in Vienna VA, consistently providing exceptional customer service and high-quality craftsmanship.

How should I begin the renovation process?
Begin by outlining your goals.
Before calling, ask yourself,
“What do I want from my remodel?”, “What should I put first?”
After you’ve answered these questions, contact Bianco to discuss your specific wish-list for your project.

How long will it take to finish my project?
We will provide you with a rough timetable for your project. Unexpected issues can arise, and we try to handle them as quickly as possible to stay on track.

How often and in what ways do you interact with your customers?
Buildertrend, a project management software, helps keep our clients informed throughout the process. Customers can even email us through that system with any questions regarding billing, service, or schedule items. Our project manager and supervisor can answer urgent calls as well.

Do you have a license and insurance? Can I see your insurance?
Bianco Renovations is licensed and insured. We can provide insurance documentation to any customer who requests it.

Will you be in charge of all permits and inspections?
Yes, we handle all necessary permits and inspections, and will teach you all you need to know.

Do you provide financing?
Financing is not currently provided. Contact us regarding our future plans.

Is there any difference between an estimate and a proposal?
An estimate is an amount a contractor anticipates a job will cost usually including an informed guess for unknown expenses. A proposal is a document that we create after meeting with the customer and quoting the full project. Proposals contain the total job cost, including materials, and subcontractor fees.

What is a design-build Home Addition contractor, and what are the advantages of hiring one over an architect?
Architects produce building blueprints, which are given to builders to construct., Design-build contractors create their own designs and then implement them. The main difference is that design-build firms provide streamlined services inhouse between the design and construction stages.

Where can I find examples of your past work?
Our online portfolio features several of our projects. Please have a look.

How will I make all of my home additions project decisions?
We work with you to help choose the numerous project features including assisting with decisions made to ensure they will work with the feel and flow of your home. Our website offers many alternatives, and we can update them with images and estimates just for you.

How can I be certain that my project is finished on time and within budget?
Work does not begin on a proposal until you have determined your budget. Being open and honest about your needs, time constraints, and financial resources from the beginning, will help keep your project on track. Most important is open communication with the contractor throughout the procedure and your project manager will keep you informed at all times.

What documents will I need to start the project?
Good documentation is critical to the success of every project, regardless of size or scope. These documents serve as the road map for the construction process whether a clear, written proposal or a comprehensive set of construction blueprints. These documents are included with your contract and will be signed before construction begins. Building permits and zoning officer information should be provided in advance to your contractor.

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Bianco Renovations – Vienna, VA
11325 Random Hills Rd. Suite 360-A72 Fairfax, VA 22030
571-208-1475 (Phone)
703-507-0465 (Mobile)