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I am very pleased with my new kitchen. Alex and crew did a great job! Alex carefully listened and accommodated what I wanted for my kitchen. I wanted a wall taken down to give an open space look. Alex made sure that it is up to code and have the structural, plumbing and electrical work inspected by the county. I feel secured that my kitchen is up to county code and safe. There was a little delay in the construction due to the original plaster work done on the ceiling which required the Bianco crew to do over and over again the plastering and sanding. This indicates their commitment to excellence. The crew are polite, pleasant and very experienced at what they do. Pricing of the renovation work is reasonable as well as the allowances for the fixtures and countertop. I was able to select the type and style of faucets, sink, lighting, and countertop that I really want without going over budget. I am very happy with the results of the renovation.

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